Top Strategy Games for IOS

New Year comes with its resolutions, and, why not?, a few new ways to make your life a bit more fantastic. Even though many friends of mine still enjoy a good Mario-Kart Race, now the real thing is to play with your phone. And if you feel like jumping and shooting is no longer a challenge, try some strategy games! You think, you fight, you control, you enjoy. What’s better than a good battle-plan, to unload your nerves and train your mind? So, straight-away: the six best strategy games for IOS, here listed for you! Why six, you ask? Well, we need to change: enough with the top tens!
FTL: Faster than Light

FTL-Faster than Light
Let’s start with a good old spaceship simulator: you are a captain, the captain of a Federation starship. Deal with an army of rebels and defend your Federation. Challenges include navigating uncharted space, sorting out every mystery brought to you by pirates, rebels, slavers. FTL gives you the chance to unlock plenty of new ships, and to replay, and to generate new galaxies in which to play. Oh, yeah, one more thing: you need to check on fuel and oxygen, buddy, otherwise everybody’s gone for good!
Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Ultimate General-Gettysburg
Do you remember that History teacher who used to make the most epic of battles as boring as an episode of Regis’ last Christmas Special? Well, this is the right way to change your mind about that subject. Easy as it is to draw unit’s movements on this perfectly detailed map, you will effortlessly recreate one of American History’s most famous battles. Awesome interface and good tactics, a ten missions campaign that will get you down into the battle: are you part of the Union, or a Confederate? Choose your destiny.
Door Kickers

Door Kickers
Just draw your SWAT teams’ path on the screen, then release and execute it all in real time. Adjust movements and tactics just by pausing and then see if you took the right decision. Drug busts, tactical interventions focused on saving innocent hostages from delirious criminals, multiplied for the scenarios, maps and campaigns, that can also be edited. Rarely such a replayability had been seen.
Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter
Now let’s make room for an interesting and free game, developed by Bethesda. This is a management game that takes place in a post-nuclear world. You can improve your shelter, increase the number of people you take care of, manage to make your underground society work. You must take risks, send out your survivors in order to collect what’s necessary, and make the world go on. Incredibly fun.
Autumn Dynasty Warlords
Here you can put into practice everything you learned out of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: engage in diplomacy, while making your provinces grow and work. Spend some time in this beautifully colorful Chinese scenario. Inspired by the Warring States period, it allows you to face a funny turn-based strategy, which makes everything riskier and…well more like what general Sun Tzu had in his mind!
Plague Inc.

Plague Inc
One last game to mention, so let’s switch points of view. If you had enough of saving men’s lives or caring for your own species, then dive into this weird and fun game: you get to control a disease, so your goal is to make it pandemic! Be virulent, learn to be resistant and lethal. The game also offers in-app expansion packs, if you feel like adding some zombie-like plague, or a funny mind-controlling worm, or a good, old, devastating Flu.